Looking for the Lost God

For a long time I never write about religion. This time I try to write about something from I have read. There are three books from my wife that Yusuf Mansur is an author. Yusuf Mansur is a teacher that teach from his experience, especially about economic problem in the past. If we compare from the other books that talk about self motivation for example Ippho Santoso, it has a similarity. They talk about there is something that happen accidentally. Something happen always based on our past behavior. If we want escape from economic problem, we must help other people first. By Ippho Santoso, we learn that we have right brain that works different from the left side. The left side always think logically, sequence, and self oriented. Of course if we use only the left brain, we cannot understand the meaning of giving each other because it logically cannot understand why.

There is a chapter in book “looking for a lost God (mencari tuhan yang hilang)” by Yusuf Mansur that give me a good suggestion for facing my problems. As usual, he always cite from Al-quran. A lot of chapter in Alquran that said about the owner of our life. He compare the God with someone who lend me a money. If we always pay on time, and keep our track record, they will give us more lending. But if we do not keep their belief to us, they won’t give me lending any more. Therefore, if we do not keep the feeling that what we have had are from Allah, which is only a lending, and we waste what he give, Allah will not give anymore.

Our body’s owner is Allah, if we die it become the food of micro organisme below our cemetery. Our soul’s owner also Allah. When we die it will be brought to Allah. Only our good behavior such as give other people things, give the job to other, and doing other something goods, that what we have. We are different with angle. Every good things that angle done are Allah’s creation, because they don’t have power to do other choice. Human have some choice to do good or bad, Allah only give something said “hidayah” that some religion teacher it come from our good attitude in his/her past life.

After read the chapter in that yusuf mansur’s book, I understand that I must keep the trust from Allah by doing everything according to his message in Alquran.


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