Buku Referensi Interaksi Manusia dan Komputer (IMK)

Iseng-iseng nyari di Internet, akhirnya menemukan dua buku yang menarik tentang Interaksi Manusia dan Komputer (IMK) atau dalam bahasa Inggris Human-computer Interaction (HCI). Berikut ini adalah deskripsi kedua buku tersebut yang mudah-mudahan bisa dimanfaatkan sebagai buku referensi mata kuliah IMK.

Buku yang digunakan antara lain:

Perlman, Garry. 2002. Interaction Design – Beyond Human-Computer Interaction. New York: John Willey & Sons, Inc.

This book consists of 15 chapters. There are three chapters that reader must read: chapter one, six and ten. For the student of computer science, chapter 7 and 8 may be good to read because they discuse about software engineering.

According to Perlman, student must be motivated if they want to learn more. Chapter one to six must be read in order the student found what they are looking for. Perlman has been doing a project about HCI Bibliography (see www.hcibib.org). If you want to know about the standard of HCI you can see ACM/IEEE curricula at ACM-IEEE Curriculum (2001) [computer.org/education/cc2001/]. Perlman also member of OCLC, stand for Online Computer Library Center (www.oclc.org).

The most important thing that author want to explain is the scope HCI now differ with HCI years ago. HCI now discuss not only about computer science aspecs but also about every aspecs related to user (multidiscipline), e.g. psychology, art, etc. And the computer it self is not only a desktop but also other gadget such as PDA, mobile device, Web application, and so on. So the user-centered design for design a software is a must.

Buku kedua yang digunakan adalah:


Barrier, Tonya. 2002. Human Computer Interaction Development and Management. United Kingdom: Idea Group, Inc.

This is a collection book of HCI from outstanding author. It discuss about it’s technology and management because HCI is not only control the software and hardware but also the people. Because it is a journal-based book, the reader must has a basic knowledge about HCI. This book good for the students who want to make a paper about HCI by seeing the topic related to HCI and the depth of the topic being discussed.