Thanks to My Student

Every scientist should do a research. This activity is part of three main tasks of lecturer in Indonesia, called ‘Tri Darma’ beside other activities, i.e., the teaching and social service activity. There is a requirement in Indonesia that every research should be published in a journal or conference. This outcome is called ‘luaran’. Of course, there are many levels of publisher based on the quality of the journal/conference. In journal we have quartile in Scopus (Q1 to Q4) as well as impact factor in web of science (WoS). The minimum requirement is the publication in a national journal.

To do the research, a scientist need a lot of collaboration to another scientist that usually a lecturer or student. The ethic should be considered, for example, a student thesis in publication should be arranged where the student as first author. The lecturer if he/she want as the first author, he should do his/her own research or writing a review paper about his/her student research. If the lecturer find the improvement by compiling the results from previous student’s work he/she can publish a paper where he/she become a first author.

Publishing a paper is a hard work that need a lot of resources. Therefore, everyone should appreciate to another scientist result. And I respect to all my students that has successfully published our research. Thank you very much.


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