Online Learning Using MATLAB

Today, it is undeniable that most machine learning researchers use Python, especially in industry. However, in research, due to its ease of use, MATLAB is still often used, especially those that are not too focused on coding.

One of the main problems of MATLAB users is, the license price is very expensive. Fortunately, registration to is still free and you can learn machine learning for free in the help and support section.

The data is already available in MATLAB, so it can be used as a reference/benchmarking. From a research perspective, MATLAB can be used as a fair ‘measurement’ and other researchers can also test it. So that the good or bad of a method does not depend on the machine or the quality of coding which may differ from one researcher to another.

The following video shows how to run Matlab online via That’s all for this post, I hope it’s useful.


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