Insert Scopus Searching Result to Mendeley

Not everyone has Scopus access to search for scientific papers. However, most students, especially doctoral students, are given access to Scopus, either in the form of accounts or access via campus Wi-Fi.

There are many options after searching on Scopus, e.g., print, save to excel, and what is practical is saving in Bibtex form because it can be directly exported to Mendeley. However, there is a limit of 200 papers for one download, so we will make several downloads if there are more than 200. Even 200 papers is quite a lot for researchers, because they must be read.

Of course, Scopus can only access the DOI, and other parameters of the paper. To download it depends on whether the campus subscribes to the journals indexed in Scopus. If not, there are many ways to find the manuscript on the internet, from ResearchGate to Sci-Hub. The following video illustrates how to quickly save searching results to Mendeley for the purposes of writing scientific papers (thesis, dissertation, or scientific publication).

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