Checking Your Writing

Writing something in your blog will make your writing ability improve. For someone, writing is a difficult thing. How to make our writing easy to understand, interresting, coheren and grammatically right is the reason for someone to avoid writing. I thinks we must try to write somethings about everything for example, your own idea about hot news, your teaching’s modul or just write about your expression.

In order our writing skill improve, of course we must check our writing. In UK or USA, may be you must pay someone to check your writing, but I suggest you to check your writing by using information technology. You must be know google (, the famous sites, that can be help you correcting the wrong words. If you want to check your writing for errors or plagiarism, you should use another site for example

This site is very interesting for me as an IT lecturer because it include some soft computing algorithms. They can know weather our spelling, punctuation, style are good enough. It also know if our writing is a plagiarism. Here is the answer about my last writing, what a bad result !

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