Interested again in Pencils

After filling a portofolio form of lecturer certification, I feel free now. I took a trip around Yogyakarta, and after buying a lot of book at gramedia Yogyakarta, I try to enhance my writing skill in in English. It is about pencil, the oldest tool for modern writing. You have used it when studying at elementary school.

In nineteen century, the philosophers  David Henry Thoreou developed pencil by his family manufacture. He separate pencil according to hardness and carbon contain in number 2, 3, 4, and so on. But the production stopped when England had found a big graphite resources which is a main component of pencils.

One advantage in using pencil is we can erase if we have an error on our writing. Of course we can use eraser for pen, but it leaves a stain in the paper, and sometime can break the paper. The pencil is appropriate for children who learn writing. It also has no dangerous liquid in ink as a mixture.

Now I always use pencil when taking an IELTS course at PPB UGM Yogyakarta. I do not know why I love pencil now. When I write something using a pencil, I can express my emotion and of course I use it for TOEFL and IELTS exam.

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