My Lecturer Certification

Lecturer is not only a job but also a profession like lawyer, teacher, doctor, and so on. It needs a certification too. Lecturer like a doctor, a university can not directly make a doctor, as after graduate a medical student must get a liscence from the government in order to be a doctor. After a student graduate from university he/she can give a lecturer at some universities, but in order to be said a lecturer he/she must fulfill a minimum point. In Indonesia, a lecturer must have S2 degree with functional level lektor. Of course with S2 and functional level Asisten Ahli, someone is allowed to give a lecture but the goverment will not give a lecturer allowance.

It is not difficult to get lecturer certification in Indonesia. You only just follow the rule and do some activity you must do. That activity called lecturer work load. For some lecturer candidate, they feel difficult because doing research is a point that must be fulfill. Moreover, they also must doing a community service by using their skill. After you got S2 degree and functional level lektor, you only propose to your faculty and university for getting lecturer certification. Because of budget limit, the government give a quota for every universities. Thank’s god, the government give a chance to me at batch II in 2011, so I only take nine years to get a lecturer certification.

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