Competitive Research Grant Presentation

Dikti does not support the Young Lecturer Research grant anymore, but it still supports the Competitive research grant. It is difficult to get this grant because we have to present our research proposal first. On 5 December 2011, I presented my research proposal at Educational University of Indonesia (UPI) Bandung. My Research Proposal has a title “The evaluation and optimation of gas station building in Bekasi by using genetic algorithm”.

There were two group who would present the proposal: Main group and Guiding group. My university was member of guiding group that must be guided by other universities. Our group consists of 17 universities. Every leader of research presented for about 10 minutes before asked more about her/his research proposal by the interviewer, Mr Anton and Mrs Nenden.

After waiting for about 45 minutes, I presented my research proposal in front of other participants. I must reduced my power point because every presenter only needed 10 minutes. I must waited two other speakers before asked with so many questions. The first interviewer asked me whether my proposal was for competitive or fundamental grant. I was very surprised when listened that question. Fortunately, after little explanation about the content of my research proposal, he said that it was only wrong title, not wrong proposal. The second interviewer, Mrs Nenden, only asked simple and easy question about what research that I have done. I explained about my last research such as attendance system, engineering calculation, and so on. When all participants finished, I was disappointed because my watch showed that I miss my train to Yogyakarta, but I was very happy when my wife phoned me and said if our tickets were bought back by our national train department.

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