How to Fill Variable Transformation Utility – IDRISI

After change analysis we need drivers for predicting land use in the future. But, every driver must be checked regarding its acceptability as a prediction variable. The driver comes from thematic maps e.g. distance from road, elevation, slope, etc. which have already been created by other GIS tools. “Variable transformation utility” panel is important for ensuring that driver format is compatible with LU change map in IDRISI.

In this example “to_builtup” sub-model will be inserted by a driver factors “elevation”. LULC0010 which is change map is used as land cover layer or as a base (you must create it first in change analysis panel before). Variable name is driver variable which has been created using ArcGIS and will be matched with IDRISI land cover layer. This variable, of course, must be imported using ArcRaster from ASCII file. After clicking “OK”, LCM will process and the variable “Elev” will ready as a driver factor.

The “Elev” driver can also be tested/evaluated through “test and selection of site and drive variables” panel by filling evaluate with “Elev”. After clicking “test exploratory power”, Cramer’s and P value will appear (Cramer’s value greather than and equal to 0.15 is significant). Click “Add to Model” for continue to the next step in LU prediction.


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