Syncronising Coordinate in IDRISI Selva

We usually use Landsat images in IDRISI. These images have projection, for example UTM 48N. The projection may be converted to other projection (e.g. UTM 48S) when manipulating them in other software, such as ArcGIS, ArcView, etc. After manipulation, the conversion tool from raster file in ArcGIS to ASCII is used before processing further in IDRISI, for example for land change modeller (LCM).

In LCM the change analysis was successfully done, but when I imported the drivers from ArcGIS, there is a problem in coordinates. To solve this problem the PROJECT tool can be used for converting projection. This tool can be called from REFORMAT menu.

The image from ArcGIS was already projected and the problem surprisingly was from existing IDRISI images. I forgot to convert UTM 48N into UTM 48S after WINDOW process (see how to use this tool in previous post). Fill the input and output file name with the projection.

One simple method to know whether both images are already in the same projection is to use COMPOSER. If composer only shows one image, they must be in different projection, otherwise the projection is already similar.


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