Creating Layer Group (RGF) File in IDRISI

RGF is a layer group file that containes number of image (raster) file. It makes easy when inserting a group of image file, e.g. in inserting drivers of land use growth (see figure below).

Instead of inserting one by one, we can simply insert layer group of variables. Open “Idrisi Explorer” and chose image files as member of layer group.

Right click the mouse and chose “Create” and “Raster Group”. Raster group file will be created and rename it, e.g. “Driver1.rgf”.

Add member of Layer group

To add member of layer group just click “Add Icon” in “Metadata”. Metadata is located below IDRISI Explorer. Add the new variable to be inserted in the layer group.

Click other image file and after click “OK” as confirmation, the new variable has successfully added to your layer group.