Computer Organization and Architecture References

I have tought computer organization and computer architecture, but I have never tought computer architecture and organization, so this is a difficult task for me. When I was teaching that subject, I used book written by Stalling. That book is very difficult to understand because the bad translation from English to Indonesia, but it gave me useful information about basic computer organization and architecture.

If you search from the internet, you will find a lot of ebook about this subject. As an example is a book written by David Tarnoff that discuss both organization and architecture of computer. This book is very basic that contain a lot of digital subject. If you always buy computer magazine, you may be dislike this book because there is little interesting picture. Of course you can find lattest component by searching it from internet.

The next book that will introduce to you is from Michael Karbo, “PC Architecture”. If you dislike Tarnoff’s book because of its image, you will like this book because full of interesting picture that discribe about the component of PC. The explanation is very easy, and you will never meet the mathematic analysis on it.

May be you need some suplemen books even though out side of computer organization and architecture scope, for example “Hardware Bible” written by Winn L. Rosch.

Of course you must search other books, especially that explain about new devices because computer technology is grow fast. Some new gadget like tablet pc, blackberry, etc, must be mastered if you want not to be said “JADUL”.

Rahmadya Trias Handayanto


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