Books for Microprocessor and Assembler

In 2002, I tought Interfacing and had a good book as a literature about Intel microprocessor written by Berry B. Brey. This book was translation from “The Interl Microprocessor, 8086/8086 to Pentrium Pro Processor – Architecture, Programming, and Interfacing. But, my friend bought this book from me (Part 2) and part 2 of that book has given to another my friend, so when I must teach about that subject I must get this book again. Fortunately when I was searching on internet, I found the link about ebook of that book, so I downloaded it.

To tell you the truth, I was very difficult to understand that translation book because some terminologies did not match to our language. I better like reading the English version than its translation. And the most important thinks is that book contain some assembler language that I must try to understand.

The second book is about assembly programming. Assembly is the first programming language for microprosessor after machine language. The book above was written by Irvine with Macro Assembler from microsoft (MASM) but I prefer using Turbo Assembler from Borland (TASM).


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