Keyboard Application on Andoid Market

I have been using a keyboard doc for my SGT 10.1 for six months. There are many problem when using it for my daily task, espesially the problem of appearing the shortcut alphabet, everytime I press a button to long. The default keyboar application when I bought this gadget: English Keyboard and Samsung Keypad, having many problem. When I tried to change to English Keyboard, there is no problem of appearing the shortcut (I think they are greek or latin alphabet) anymore, but there is bigger problem, my tablet sometimes give series of alphabet like pressing a button long.


     At first time, I think there is a problem with my keyboard doc, but at last a have the answer. We must chose a suitable keyboard doc application for our tablet. When I search it on android market, I found Green Keyboard. This application is good at first time, but when I used it for typing, I surprised because my shift button did not work, so I tried to find another free keyboard doc application. Finally I found good keyboard doc application that fit with my tablet, the name is Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard Free.


     It appears simple without a lot of accesories like Green Keyboard, but because the size is very big, we easily press a button. The vendor must be give choice of the size of keyboard, because it shut my writing application up to 50% of area, eventhough we can hide it. But I have been using this free application until now, thanks for the vendor.

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