Section and Multilevel List in Microsoft Word

Multilevel list in word is used to continue numbering from one heading to the next heading. It makes writers easy to type and manage the sequence of subchapter. For example, if we have written subchapter 2.1, and come to new subchapter, the Microsoft word will automatically write 2.2 and the writer just write the name of the subchapter, for example “basic theory”, “recommendation”, end so on.

What is heading? In word, heading means the header of a writing that use a style. The writer can use some styles in styles menu. There are many headings provided: heading 1, heading 2, and so on. Why we use that style and do not just type manually? The heading has a purpose. It used in navigation and for automatic table of contents as well.

We can also modify the heading regarding the font, tab, paragraph, etc. And what the section used for? In the writing, we always have many chapters. Every chapter has their own number for subchapter. With the section in Microsoft word, we can separate the multilevel list of a chapter with the other chapters.

How to separate the section? First, we have to know whether the two pages have the same section or not. It’s easy, just click your mouse on the header and footer location. Word will show you the number of section.

To separate the section, we just open the page-layout menu and chose break tool. Choose “next page” on section break option. This break only separate the multilevel list section but not the page number. Use page break if we want to separate numbering from previous pages, for example if do not want to continue alphabet-numbering style from acknowledgements, table of contents, and so on.

See the video below.


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