Competitive Network

Competitive network uses Hamming Network which is contained feedforward and recurrent layer.

Open your Matlab and try this lab example. Just copy and paste to see how this kind of network worked. Newc is a function from matlab to create a competitive network. Use this Competitive Network file for practise.

Try to train a competitive network. After training the network, try to simulate the trained network to find the result from a sample input.

This is a result from simulation of samplec on Pc. Type on command window “help newc” to study the syntax of newc function from your Matlab.

>> Yc1 = sim(samplec, Pc)

Yc1 =

(2,1) 1

(2,2) 1

(2,3) 1

(1,4) 1

(1,5) 1

(1,6) 1