Seing Qiblat by Navigation App in Android

     Everyone who pray must make position to ka’bah, located at Mecca, Saudi Arabia. We can get compass to get it accurately, but there are somethings that can annoy this device. Now at the atmospher there are a lot of satelite that can make navigation to our position, called Geographic Position Service (GPS). With android operating systems, we can find some application at android market that helping us to find particular location in the world.


     At the picture, someone who live at Bekasi, Indonesia, can directly see where is Ka’bah. And by seeing the arrow, we can make a position to it. But of course, the world is not flat, so very difficult to get exact direction. In my opinion, the point is not exact position of our qiblat (position of ka’bah at Mecca when praying) but our consentration when praying (called ‘khusyu’).


Congratulation Chelsea !!

It was similar with Man City at Barkeley’s Premiere League, the final champion league last night was very drammatic. I don’t know why I like Chelsea although I like Bayern Munich’s player “Arjen Roben”.  The game was unbalance because Bayern played against the solid defence of Chelsea. I think it is related to their coach, Dimatteo, italiano, the best defence system of soccer.
     Until first half, there were no goal. The bayern’s player was frustated, until the captain, Thomas Mueller, made a beautiful gol at 83 minute. The atmospher of stadium, arena, the bayern’s stadium like a party. But, suddenly, it was became quite when Didier Drogba, my favorite player, equalize at 88 minute. The game continued by exteded 30 minute time. When Drogba made a mistake at phinalty area, the referee gave bayern a penalty, but Arjen miss his shoot. Peter Ceczh, the Chelsea keeper who played with arjen for 3 years could read the shoot.
     Fortunately I slept well before saw that long game, so I could keep my eyes open until phinalty shoot. Bayern’s fans surprise when first chelsea’s shoot missed. When peter ceczh threw away bayern’s shoot, and the forth’s shoot hit crosspa, Didier Drogba with his strong and cool style made an easy goal, so Chelsea got a “Big Ears”, the Champions League thropy. There was a big smile at the face of Abramovich, the Chelsea’s owner. It was very interesting, he have had hired eight choach, but Dimatteo, not permanent coach, brought his dream come true. So, congrat to Chelsea.