How to Draw a Diagram using Draw IO?

Draw IO is a free web-based tool for drawing a model such as Entity Relation Diagram (E-R Diagram), Flow chart, Data Flow Diagram (DVD), Unified Modeling Language (UML), etc. You can access it at in start using it without installation. Immediately you will be asked the location for saving the xml file, for example you use your harddrive, so yo have to choose Device.

And please click the “create a new diagram” or “open existing diagram” if you want to open a xml file of your diagram that have drawn before. Before drawing, this application will ask you to create the name of your diagram.

And let your creativity flows, and for exercise, try to draw E-R diagram like this.

Save your figure by clicking the menu save and if you want to capture for your document (word, power point, etc) you have to download it into image, xml, and other file support. So far, I like to download as GIF than JPEG or others. Because it give a good resolution that you can see below. Ok .. good luck.

Penulis: rahmadya

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