Installing ArcGIS 9

ArcGIS is developed from ArcVIEW that support other powerful facilities. Of course If you understand ArcView it is easy to understand ArcGIS with some additional new materials. ArcGIS more complete than ArcView with additional package ArcEditor, ArcInfo and also ArcView itself. Here is a simple installation of this software.

Click “Install ArcGIS Desktop” After notification that this software need license from ESRI, we ready to install it. Click “I Accept the license Agreement”.

You have to choose installation type, but if you do not understand, just choose “typical”. Click Next.

You can choose folder location for GIS program, but you are allowed to choose the default location by just clicking next.

The ArcGIS is supported by Phyton programming language, and you have to install and choose the location for it. Click Next twice.

Wait until the installation completed and register message appears.