Problem: “variable dimension does not match …” in IDRISI

Users who use a driver of land-use change sometimes face a problem when adding a driver to their model. The warning “variable dimension does not match …” indicates that there was a different column and row format of the driver. To answer this such problem, a discussion from IDRISI official site suggest to check the Metadata which is located belom the file in Idrisi explorer (upper-left).

The figure above shows the different values of columns and rows. There will be a warning although the reference system has already been the same. Use function PROJECT of IDRISI to match the wrong driver columns and rows to the other images (use the land use and land cover images).

Fill the input and output file with their reference system (e.g. UTM-48S). The output reference information is important to match the number of column and row. Click this tab and use your reference image.

Give a checklist to Copy from existing file and after choosing a reference image, number of column and row were adjusted following the reference. After clicking OK your new images will be created. Try to check through Test and selectin of variable in transition potential tab.


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