Fixing: “Warning: Single line Edit Controls can not have multi-line text”


This problem appears when someone tries to send the result to edit text. The warning is shown in command window and the edit text in GUI is also disappeared. First we should understand that Matlab has two kinds of text format: string and cell. The cell cannot be presented, except you transpose it. But the edit text will show the text in column based. Only the string/char format can be presented in row based (see the picture below showing the string and cell).

Some text processing methods need conversion from string to cell. Therefore, the manipulation should be done in order to show the text in edit text. The algorithm are as follow:

  • Input: cell
  • Output: string in row
  • Use function char to convert cell into character
  • Transpose the characters
  • Use function sprintf to print the characters in row based

This simple method can be solve the warning above. As an impormation, some text manipulation need conversion from cell to char and vice versa, e.g. regexp (regular expression function). I hope this information is useful. This is an output when I stemmed to remove preffix (‘ber’) except when the root-word below 4 characters (e.g. “dua” from “berdua”)


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